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Valentine’s Day Inspiration

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Valentine’s Day brings about mixed emotions for many people. I personally love the holiday (no pun intended), and enjoy taking a little extra time to appreciate the man, friends, and loved ones in my life. The several months in between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day are also the height of engagement season, where hopeful grooms-to-be, with love and warmth filling the air, seize the opportunity to pop the question in front of family and friends. Every year during this time, the topic of a Valentine’s Day wedding arises and, every year, there are opposing opinions on the idea.

While there are several cons involved (the risk of being cliché, the fear that your guests will have the desire to make other plans, etc.) there are also many pros to consider (the opportunity to be creative with your décor, adding in factors that help all couples in attendance to celebrate their love as well, having an awesome anniversary date, and so on). No matter how you feel about the subject, I’ve created an inspiration board to get your mind geared toward Valentine’s Day, weddings, love, happiness and rosy-cheeked bliss. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or two with your thoughts on a Valentine’s Day Wedding!

Valentine's Day Inspiration Board


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